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Energy Medicine Yoga

Energy Medicine Yoga, or EMYoga, combines traditional yoga with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to enhance strength, health, and resilience. Unlike traditional yoga, which often focuses on one energy system (such as the chakras), EMYoga addresses all nine energy systems in the body. When in balance, these contribute to our overall well-being, supporting the immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.

Traditional Yoga already offers an amazing set of benefits to the body and mind. When combined with the esoteric practices of energy healing, you can experience a new level of energy, vitality, and inner balance. Recognize the impact of energy and foster a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself. Heal, transform, and find inner peace today by scheduling an EMYoga session at Halcyon.

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Positive energy, positive life

Energy Medicine Yoga Sessions in Superior, CO

At the core of energy medicine yoga lies a fundamental principle: any disease, be it in the body, mind, or spirit, stems from an underlying energy imbalance. Everything on Earth is essentially energy, vibrating at distinct frequencies. The key idea is that by restoring balance to this energy, we can harmonize and heal the various systems of the body.

Reduce Pain

Learning to listen and communicate with our bodily energy allows us to move through pain and rejuvenate our physical being.

Heal Past Traumas

Repattern your energy to overcome emotional and mental blockages, healing both mental and physical traumas.

Improve Overall Well-Being

Align the invisible systems of the body in a more positive way to achieve a state of well-being like never before! 

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Discover inner peace

Powerful Energy Healing Combined with Yoga

While traditional yoga provides your body with a variety of benefits, when combining this holistic practice with energy healing, you can truly unlock your full potential. Don’t let low-energy levels and imbalances take control of your life; instead, try an EMYoga class from Halcyon.

Recognizing the impact of energy on every aspect of life, including thoughts and feelings about the body and mind, EMYoga fosters a connection between mind, body, and soul. From this place, healing, transformation, contentment, and peace become possible. The best part is these techniques become easy to duplicate outside of class, allowing you to carry your energy-healing practice with you wherever you go!

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Frequently Asked EMYoga Questions
While traditional yoga boasts a whole host of amazing benefits, EMYoga takes it a step further by incorporating energy healing. This holistic approach compounds the benefits by bringing the invisible energy systems of the body into a state of coherence, promoting strength, vitality, and well-being.
You do not need to be flexible or athletic to practice any form of yoga! This practice is for people of all levels and abilities, and our teachers will guide you through the entire process.
Absolutely. An integral part of EMYoga is learning to listen and communicate with your energetic body. EMYoga trains you to move energies through the body while stretching, massaging, and tapping specific energy centers. This process, combined with the physical movement of traditional yoga poses, can significantly decrease physical pain.
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EMYoga is the path to a state of wholeness, ease, and overall health. In essence, it’s about aligning the energetic forces within us to cultivate well-being. Allow the professionals at Halcyon Mind+Body to teach you the process of protecting yourself from the negative energies around you. Together, we can focus on the positive aspects of life and cultivate newfound peace and calmness.

Whether you’re a practicing yogi or a beginner to energy medicine, EMYoga practice is beneficial to everyone. Take your yoga practice to a new level of experience and book an energy medicine yoga session today!

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