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Spa Treatments

Stop saying tomorrow and start saying today; the time is now for your skin to shine as bright as your personality. At Halcyon Mind+Body, we aim to provide our clients with top-tier customizable skincare treatments that leave you feeling confident in your skin. Offering everything from facials and chemical peels to laser services and Botox injections, our all-inclusive spa services are designed to enhance your natural beauty. Book an appointment with us today.

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A woman rubbing her smooth facial skin
A middle-aged woman looking at her face after spa treatments
A middle-aged woman looking at her face after spa treatments
Expert Skincare Starting With a Skin Analysis

In order to understand which spa treatment is right for you, it’s important to know what skin type you have. At Halcyon Mind+Body, we’ll perform a FREE in-depth skin analysis to ensure you receive a tailored and effective spa experience.

Using our Visia Skin Analysis System, our team will perform a skin analysis to determine the age, pigment, oil and moisture levels, and other important factors of your skin.
Once your skin imaging has been completed, we’ll explain your results to you in full detail. This could include acknowledging that you have overly oily pores, thin elasticity, UV spot damage, sensitive skin, acne, and other skin concerns.
Our estheticians will then recommend a spa treatment that will provide you with exceptional results. This could involve a classic facial, microneedling treatment, injectables, fillers, chemical peel, or classic facial.
Maintaining your skincare results is crucial, and we offer a variety of products to help you keep your skin in flawless condition. Our experts will recommend a daily skincare regimen that includes Environ and exclusive Halcyon products for post-treatment maintenance.

Inclusive Spa Treatments in Superior, CO

Skincare is healthcare
Young Woman Receiving A Facial

Rejuvenate and hydrate your skin with a customized facial treatment.

A Woman Feeling Her Smooth Skin

Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a HydraFacial.

Young Woman Receiving A Head Massage

Chemical Peels

Remove dull and dry skin for a tighter and brighter complexion with a chemical peel.

Woman Undergoing A Microneedling Treatment


Increase collagen production and the elasticity of your skin.

Doctor Injecting A Man's Face With Botox
Botox & Dermal Fillers

Plump, define, and smooth your facial features with cosmetic injectables.

A Woman Showing Off Her Smooth Skin

Remove unwanted hair and resurface your skin with laser treatments.

The Results Of A Lip Filler Treatment
Lip Filler

Restore volume to your lips for a more kissable, noticeable pout.

Three Happy Friends With Smooth Skin

Join our exclusive membership program offering discounts on services and monthly perks.

It’s always the right time for a skincare refresh.
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Relax, Revitalize, and Restore Your Natural Balance at Halcyon

Be a part of our community, where individuals who value mental and physical well-being come together. With our comprehensive range of spa treatments tailored to meet your individual needs, we can restore your confidence. Whether you’re struggling with acne, are self-conscious about thinning lips, or want to fight back against signs of aging, our skilled estheticians are here to help. We’ll perform an in-depth consultation to discuss your concerns and overall goals and design a skincare regimen that best suits your needs.

Don’t keep putting self-care to the wayside. Book a spa treatment appointment with us today!

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